Saturday, February 12, 2011

Facebooks latest Improvement to fan pages? WHAT?

Okay so facebook decided to once again mess with the millions of people in the world who were pretty happy with their Fan Pages. And Oh what a pain in the butt it has been in some respects. The pros in my eyes so far are I like the pictures being across the top like the profile pages. I like that you can switch from business page and personal profile to comment.  Cons are Our shop links are hidden in our INFO section which is stupid  and I have yet to figure out a way to make them visible again. And the biggest PAIN IN THE BUTT AND HEAD at this point for most people is the re liking issue... This is my take on it. The likes only count if they are made from your personal page, which makes no sense to me what so ever! Hello when we go to a fan page to LIKE someones page we leave our fan page for them to return the like not our personal page. therefore it makes more sense to have your likes on your Fan page where everyone is going to.. that way they are visible to everyone. A lot of people don't want to take the time to go and re like everyone and that is their right but to me that is pretty selfish. For the ones who have taken the time or will take the time to re like everyone and give their fans all the exposure they can is very honorable and I say Thank You to those who take the time to do this. To those who don't well that is something I guess you can live with. After all I know that without the support and encouragement of my fans I would not be where I am today. I was only one person that struggled to do this on my own then I got a fan then another  and another and so on then we became a family( yes I feel like we are all a creative family) working to support each other and encourage each other. Share in each others good fortune and build each other up in the down times.

For those of you wondering how to re like as your business page here is how I did it.

If your personal  page is set to private undo it first.. then log in as your fan/business page then go to your personal page click the Info section on the left hand side go to INTEREST AND LIKES section you might need to look in SHOW OTHER PAGES if you don't see your likes at first.. put arrow on page name don't click on the page a pop up will come up then click like at the bottom left hand side then go to the next page name and so on til your all done.   After you've done that all your likes will appear on the left hand side of your Fan page.    After you've re liked all those pages and if you happen to be logged in as your business page and find a page you want to like go ahead... then when you switch back to your personal page all you have to do is go to your fan page click on likes a pop up will appear and you can like the pages from there and it is so much easier and the pages you are liking get their #. :o) Phew I hope this helps if anyone even stays awake long enough o read it all. LOL
I'm still not sold on the new page but I wasn't asked for input so I guess I will deal with it til they change it up again..... :-/  

Til we meet again



  1. Hi Stacy!
    I totally agree this is all screwed up now, but I have heard pros and cons about liking pages from your biz page. I'm still pretty confused about what the diff is!
    Would love it if you followed me back! but don't' feel obligated!

  2. The main difference as far as I can tell is that the fan #'s that count come from a persons personal page which makes no sense to me. And fanning from your biz page puts their page in what was your fav. page section on you biz page. Personally I think liking a biz page should count as a like from a biz page because that is where we ask ppl to go when we leave our links on other peoples pages or in their link love section, we don't direct them to our personal pages. Right? And for the life of me I can't understand why they can't post our post in order as they come in.. o my goodness I had to search high and low for one the other day... Still has some bugs I hope it gets all worked out before everyone is forced into it in a few weeks... Following ya...

  3. I hate almost every single Facebook change, it's ridiculous! I refuse to change, it scares me!! :D