Friday, January 28, 2011

Giveaway Prize Package For February

Alright folks here it is... a peek at what you'll be able to win if your photo gets the most likes.. but first you have to submit a photo... yes yes I know there is always a catch.:o)
Item #1 is a combo of white and maroon glass pearl necklace with white glass pearl earrings.(approx. 19 inches)
       #2 blue and green twisted beaded bracelet with toggle clasp. (approx 8 inches)
      #3 blue and orange beaded wine bottle cork
      #4 set of 6 wine glass charms (silver charms with colored chips)
     #5 Key chain with green, copper, white and brown pearl finish beads on black leather
     #6 glass swirled beads in blue, pink and purple with silver split rings used as spacers for a unique look with toggle clasp.(approx. 8 inches)
     #7 copper fish hook earrings made with wire wrapped green stones
     #8 Swarovski blue and clear crystal flower earrings
  The value of this package is high as you can well imagine. It's yours to do with as you please. Keep what you want give away to others... use some as thank you gifts what ever. This is my THANK YOU to you for supporting and participating in Sandman Jewelry's giveaway.

Good luck and thank you for your support not only for me but for all the other creative people out there!



  1. Love your work. Would love to submit a photo. But, of what? And to where?

  2. Thank you! Your Photo can be of anything... your work, kids, sunset, whatever you'd like. Submit it on my fan page

    Looking forward to seeing your photo. :o)